"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
--Roger Caras

Cogins Pomeranians was established in 2003. We began our venture into raising dogs many years ago with Maltese and we still raise them today. However, growing up all my life with Pomeranians I just couldn’t tear myself away from the idea of raising these little “lion Kings and Queens”.  So my journey to “Pomerania” had begun.  


We were blessed that all our foundation Poms came from very well known and sound lines and that they all turned out to be such intelligent and beautiful dogs and that they all possessed that typical sweet, lovable, willing to please temperament the Pomeranian is known for.  Since than we have been dedicated to preserving all of these same qualities in Cogins Pomeranians dogs and puppies.  


The most important thing to us is that each of our dogs become part of a loving family, so the primary objective in our breeding program is to maintain that wonderful temperament that our dogs are known for. We also strive for supreme
intelligence, versatility, soundness of mind and body, and overall beauty. With thoughtful consideration to pedigrees, careful genetic screenings, and selective breeding practices, we are making every effort to insure these qualities in all our dogs.


We invite you to take a tour through our website and meet some of our dogs that we love so dearly and share with us some memories of some of the wonderful dogs of our past that have brought us to where we are in our journey.

Gina & Cory
Cogins Pomeranians

Call Gina at(419) 680-6434or email Gina for more information.



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