About Me

About Me

My name is Gina Evans. I have been raising the Maltese Breed for well over 10 years. About 8 years into raising this breed a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in raising the Pomeranian. After some research and a little big of mentoring I decided to begin raising these little "lions".  My friend entrusted me with a trio of pomeranians. And so my journey began! Adding the pomeranian to my breeding program has brought me years of joy.

Our goal here at "Cogins Pomeranians" is to provide you with a lifelong companion that is a fine representative of the AKC POMERANIAN Standard... One that is well socialized, well adjusted and full of character. Finally, one that will bring you years of love, loyalty, and health. Raising Maltese and Pomeranians is an honor to us and we want our puppies as well as our Adult dogs to be a reflection of the pride we take in raising them.  

We are located in Northwest Ohio on approximately 7 acres. Our puppies and Adult dogs have ample room to run and play and exercise freely. My husband Cory, my Mother -in-Law, my 4 children and myself (Gina) are the foundation of "Cogins Maltese and Cogins Pomeranians". Together we have dedicated our lives to ensuring the happiness and health of our furry friends.  

As a breeder, I feel it is my responsibility to offer as much information about acquiring a new puppy and about the Pomeranian breed in general as I possibly can. It is here where we hope to educate people about the Pomeranian, how to find a reputable Pomeranian breeder,  the care of Pomeranian puppies, the myth about Teacup Pomeranian puppies, training your Pomeranian puppy, common Pomeranian health problems, and of course about the Pomeranian Standard. You will also be able to view our Pomeranian Studs, Dams, and previous Pomeranian Puppies along with their heritage and online Pedigrees.

Gina & Cory
Cogins Pomeranians

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