Do Maltese get along with Children?

Do Pomeranians get along with Children?

Yes. They get along with most anyone. I generally will ask people to flip the coin. How will your children get along with the new pom Puppy? How responsible are your children? How active? The answer to these questions will determine whether or not a Pomeranian is best suited for you. Many children don’t understand the concept of fragility. They don’t “mean” to hurt the puppy but accidents can and will happen. When a child accidentally “drops”, “kicks”, “steps on”, or squeezes too tightly, than the puppy will immediately conclude that CHILDREN=PAIN. And that’s when they determine that they don’t like children. It’s important to make the best decision for the new puppy and for the children in the home. Maybe a bit larger breed is better for you and your family if your children are under the age of 8 or bit more active. You and only you can make a responsible decision. Ask yourself, “Can I live with myself if my children harm this puppy”?

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