How do I keep my Maltese face “tear stain free”?

How do I keep my Pomeranian face “tear stain free”?

I explain to everyone that tear stains are a result of the 4 H’s… “Health, Hygiene, Happiness, and Heredity”.  If your dog is left home alone for hours at a time than you will have tearing. If your dog is not groomed properly and the hair trimmed from the corners of the eyes, you will have tearing. If your dog is not healthy, and has a yeast infection, ear mites etc…then you will have tear staining. Finally, if your dog has an inverted eyelash or eyelid, then this will cause tear staining. There are a multitude of factors. The important thing is that you find out the cause and then take care of it. I’ll be happy to assist in this process should it come to that.

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